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Friday, March 19, 2010

Copyright conundrum

Info and Contest

It's a pickle, but eventually our Federal government is going to have figure out how to update Canadian copyright laws for the 21st century.

Right now, there's a private member's bill put forth by NDP MP Charlie Angus. In essence it's a small consumer tax on MP3 players. For that reason alone, it will probably die. But it's a really good attempt to try to deal fairly with the issue.

To wit:
"Artists have a right to get paid and consumers have a right to access works. Digital locks and suing fans are not going to prevent people from copying music from one format to another. By updating, we will ensure that artists are getting paid for their work, and that consumers aren't criminalized for moving their legally-obtained music from one format to another."
The Edmonton Journal editorial staff is for it. Check out why. And (even) the National Post agrees.

Do you?

If you do or don't but have a strong opinion either way, here's a great way to make some quick cash on the issue: check out thereelchallenge.ca.

It's a film contest. 3 minutes could win you $10,000.

From the Contest Rules:
Prizes will be awarded by the adjudicating committee to the Content Providers whose submissions promote creators’ rights and address the importance of content protection, from a creator’s perspective, in the most compelling way, provoke the most thought and feeling in the viewer, and are considered the most engaging, imaginative and the most innovative in content and delivery.
Deadline is April 26th kids. Good luck!!!

1 comment:

Johnson said...

I agree with the commenter before me. I don't want to pay extra for anything. Isn't there some way that I could just continue stealing music and every one could shut up about it?