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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

File this under "Oh, come on"

R&J protested in Tennessee

No, I'm not talking about Colarco's adapatation with prep school boys playacting as the two lovers.

Not even talking about the Zeffirelli film with a nude scene with a 15-year-old actress.

No, rather The Star is reporting that a Toronto school-touring production of Romeo and Juliet was almost cancelled due to a group of parents who disapproved of the show's sexuality.

From the article:
... a woman who identified herself as Val, a home-school teacher from Hermitage, "struggled being here with my son. The sexuality was too much. Our children need to be more pure."
And, I guess, "several other teachers echoed her opinion."

Now, I haven't seen the production but I'm reasonably assured that all the actors keep their clothes on.

So, does that mean these folks are objecting to the script? That was written in 1595 (give or take)?

If so, kudos to the ensemble for an obviously vivid and faithful interpretation of the Bard's text.

To those teachers and parents of those oh-so-pure children... You do know that this is what your kids are listening to, don't you:



Adrian Ellis said...

Ahhh, Lady Gaga. A true original. I don't much care for her musics, but I love her bizarre performance art-like stage shows.

I am quite fascinated by this whole High School Bard Confidential. What could it have been that set these puritans off?

Reminds me of this 'frothy' clip from circa 85 - Frank Zappa on Crossfire defending freedom of speech against some of the most aggressive right wing craziness I've seen in some time:

Aaron Talbot said...

Just between you and me, I have a total crush on Lady Gaga.

Sometimes I even turn up the radio when "Pokerface" comes on.

Don't tell anyone though,k? Could totally ruin my reputation as a serious artsy-theatre type.

Wait, these comments are public aren't they? Shit! Abort! Abort!

... too late...